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Expert Work

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I am originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, though now reside in Carlsbad, CA with my husband, 2 sons, and vivacious chocolate lab, Will. I am a fierce brand advocate for Starbucks (former barista!) and can usually be found with a black coffee in hand.

My research is a space that satisfies my curiosities and allows me to contribute to our understanding the world. I am fascinated by how consumers engage with the marketplace and how the digital landscape is changing the way consumers & society interact. I have published over 20 peer-reviewed journal articles on topics relating to social media, influencer marketing, addiction, mental wellness, advertising, and others.

Through my research, I enjoy engaging industry partners in translating my expertise into valuable opportunities, including expert witness work, invited speaking engagements, and consulting.

Expert Witness

I am available to serve as an expert witness on the following topics, with prior experience in strategy consulting, report writing, & deposition:

  • Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Digital Advertising, and Digital Marketing topics

  • Consumer Behavior, Decision Making, & Consumer/Marketplace Interactions

  • Mental Illness & the Marketplace

  • Advertising Disclosures & Consumer Impact

Invited Talks

As a researcher, speaker, and educator within my field, I enjoy sharing with others what I have learned through my scholarship and work with consumers. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at academics conferences and to industry audiences on topics relating to consumer behavior & decision making, mental health & the marketplace, and digital consumerism, including social media and influencer marketing. I am available for tailored workshops, small group conversations, and keynote talks and always happy to discuss how we can partner for any engagement to suit your needs.

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Knauss School of Business

University of San Diego 

Olin Hall 304



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