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Consumer Behavior

About the Course

Topics Covered

  • Internal & external motivations​

  • Customer experience

  • Attention, perceptions, & behavioral Learning

  • Personality and emotions

  • Consumer decision making

  • Consumer culture & family dynamics

Course Projects

  1. Consequences of Consumption Presentation. Students take a look at unintended consequences of seemingly "ordinary" consumption behaviors, while also providing a devil's advocate argument. Topics include:

    • Coffee​

    • Travel

    • Single use plastics

    • Fashion fashion

    • Using credit cards... and more!

  2. Case study analyses via Harvard Business Publishing:

    • Drinkworks: Home Bar by Keurig

    • Aspire Food Group: Marketing a Cricket Protein Brand

    • Pillsbury Cookie Challenge

  3. How I Built This podcast. Throughout the semester, students choose several episodes of their liking to listen to and reflect on. Students explore the way entrepreneurs identify gaps in the market and work to change consumer behavior patterns towards the success of their enterprise.

    • Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely. Students explore the world of behavioral economics and reflect on their own irrational behaviors. 

Course Time

Monday & Wednesday    1:00p - 2:20p



Knauss Center for 

Business Education

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