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Digital Marketing
(MBA level)

About the Course

Topics Covered

  • Paid Media Strategy (digital)

  • Owned Media Strategy (digital)

  • Paid Search Advertising

  • Social Media Integration

  • Google Analytics

Course Projects

  1. Digital Marketing Competition: Students compete in groups of 4 to create a digital marketing strategy for a designated client.

    • Groups in Fall '22 placed as a top 2 finalist, 5th place, and 7th place!​

  2. Case study analyses via Harvard Business Publishing:

    • Google: Targeting the Health Care Market with Fitbit

    • Digital Transformation at The Washington Post: Innovating for the Next Generation

    • LinkedIn: Selling Zoom on a Digital Marketing Strategy

    • Nike: Tiptoeing into the Metaverse 

  3. Google Paid Search Development: $2,000 spent to market two graduate programs in the School of Leadership and Education Studies

Course Time

Offered Fall Semesters


Knauss Center for 

Business Education

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